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Board of Taxation

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1. How do I appeal my taxes?
2. When can I file an appeal?
3. What is the deadline for filing an appeal?
4. My municipality underwent a revaluation/reassessment this year. What is the deadline for filing an appeal?
5. Do I need a lawyer to represent me at a Tax Board hearing?
6. Do I need to hire an appraiser?
7. Does the appraiser need to attend the hearing?
8. Why do I have to present evidence?
9. What are valid comparable sales?
10. How old or how recent must my comparable sales evidence be?
11. Where can I find comparable sales?
12. Are my neighbors’ assessments considered as comparable evidence, and what is a bona fide sale?
13. What is the date of assessment?
14. What do I need to prove income approach to value?
15. What else do I need for my appeal?
16. Who receives notices from the Tax Board?
17. Do I have to appear at the hearing?
18. May I bring an interpreter to my appeal hearing?
19. When will I receive notice of my hearing date and time?
20. What if I miss my hearing?
21. What if I can’t make the scheduled hearing date?
22. Where are appeal hearings held?
23. Is parking available?
24. How long will my hearing take?
25. What if my property taxes aren’t paid?
26. What if I don’t like the judgment I received from the Commissioners of the Board of Taxation? Can I appeal?
27. Can I ever appeal to the State Tax Court without the County Tax Board hearing my appeal first?