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Passaic County Prosecutor's Office

Prosecutor's Stats

Passaic County Drug Overdose Analysis 2017

Passaic County Prosecutor's Office Bias Incident Reporting 2017

Passaic County Homicide and Non Fatal Shooting Reporting 2017

Passaic County Drug Overdoses Analysis 2016 -

Passaic County Prosecutor's Office Bias Incident Reporting 2016-

Prosecutor's Directives

Passaic County Prosecutor Law Enforcement Directive on Criminal Justice Reform

Latest News

Knock Out Opioid Abuse - Read More

2016 IA and Police Pursuit County-Wide Summary -

2016 Professional Standards Summary Report 

Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes announces the publication of the 2016 Professional Standards Summary Report for Passaic County - July 31, 2017  Read More...

Welcome to the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office

Early in New Jersey's history the state deviated from the British tradition of private prosecutors. It has been reported that as early as 1686 there are records of a colonial Attorney General appearing on behalf of the King in “West New Jersey”. In 1812 the New Jersey Attorney General was authorized by statute "to appoint deputies to prosecute the pleas of the state in such counties as he may not be able to attend in person".

The duties of a county prosecutor have developed through court decisions and legislation. As our courts have pointed out, a county prosecutor has an obligation to detect and arrest, as well as to obtain indictments and prosecute them. He is under a statutory duty to investigate suspicious situations and determine the facts in the process of detecting and arresting, especially when he receives information that makes it reasonably probable that the law has been violated. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office is to insure that the citizens of Passaic County have a professional investigative response to crime and quality legal representation designed to promote the security of our residents while respecting the rights of individual victims of crime. Our commitment is to maintain the highest law enforcement standards and utilize our available resources to:

Fulfill our statutory requirements. 

Investigate and prosecute criminals, holding offenders accountable for their crimes.

Maintain and improve quality of case presentation in Passaic County’s Criminal Courts.

Foster partnerships with the full range of diverse groups within Passaic County.

Strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of office operations. 

Cooperate with other agencies and institutions within the justice system to improve the efficiency of case management. 

Maintain and improve the administration of justice