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County Surrogate

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1. Can I challenge a probate after it is completed?
2. Is an attorney needed to prepare a will or represent an estate?
3. How can the probate process be stopped in the Surrogate’s office?
4. Can children, spouse or other family be disinherited under my will?
5. Will unpaid inheritance taxes become a lien on real and personal property?
6. How can I make changes to my will?
7. How soon must state inheritance taxes be paid?
8. How is a safe deposit box handled?
9. How will the personal representative obtain the funds to pay debts?
10. Will I have to send copies of the will to the beneficiaries?
11. As a personal representative am I protected against creditors of the estate?
12. Will I be entitled to compensation as a personal representative?
13. What is required of the personal representative?
14. What will I use surrogate certificates for?
15. Will I need to file a formal accounting as the person representing the estate?
16. How do I prove that distribution or legacies were paid?
17. How many surrogate certificates do I need?
18. How does access joint bank accounts or CD?
19. Why do I need to post a bond if someone dies without a will?
20. What is the probate procedure in a small estate with no surviving spouse?
21. If an individual dies without a will, what is the surviving spouse entitled to?
22. Who has the right to be appointed when an individual dies without a will?
23. Is the probate process expensive?
24. How do I begin the probate procedure?
25. How do I update or obtain new Testamentary/Administration Certificates?
26. How do I update or obtain new Testamentary/Administration Certificates?