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Aging & Disability Resource Connection

The Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) is a program to connect seniors age 60 and older and people with physical disabilities 18 years of age and older with the services they need to continue living independently in the community for as long as possible. 

The ADRC serves as your doorway to information and assistance on the full range of public and private home and community-based long-term care services available in New Jersey. The ADRC strongly supports consumer-directed care in which the consumer is in control of making personal care decisions based on assessed need, informed choice and community service availability. 

Senior-Aide-3          Care Management/Health Services
The care management and health services department is responsible for the development and coordination of a coherent care plan for vulnerable and/or functionally impaired older individuals. Care management is a set of activities or services intended to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing coordination of care,  and helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. Eligibility for this program is based on the assessment of the individual's level of care, and participants in the program work with a care manager to create a specific plan of care.

May Include
 Adult Day Care JACC
A program that provides in-home services to seniors at risk of placement in a nursing facility. JACC includes an array of services designed to supplement the assistance given by the individual’s caregiver network. Qualified individuals may have the opportunity to hire their own eligible family, friends, or neighbors to provide the care they need. By designing service plans uniquely tailored to the individual, JACC works to enhance the individual’s community care options. JACC also strengthens the ability of caregivers to continue in their vital role as primary support providers.
 Chore Services
 Homemaker Assistance
 Personal Emergency Response Systems
 Respite Care CARES

A  consumer-driven program that provides a broad array of services to enable caregivers to better understand and utilize services to maintain themselves while providing care to others. CARES is a participant-direct program, meaning the caregiver and the care recipient work jointly with a care manager to develop and oversee his/her plan.
 Personal Hygiene
 Medication Management


info and assist              Information and Assistance 

  • Benefit screening and entitlement consultation
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Reverse 911
  • Medicare Insurance Counseling
  • Information on: Medigap, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D
  • Legal Services
  • Farmers' Market Voucher Program
  • Annual Art Show
  • Property Tax Reimbursement
  • PAAD Applications 
  • Home Energy Assistance
  • State Health Insurance Plan (SHIP Coordinators)

The Information & Assistance Unit serves as the entry point and a source of information and referrals to direct services and community resources. The Information and Assistance staff is also fully trained to give objective information to help Medicare beneficiaries make informed choices and good care decisions. The department offers community educational presentations to senior groups

phone reassurance     Telephone Wellness Checks

  • Every Meals-on-Wheels client is called regularly to determine if they are safe and well and to provide social interaction and friendly conversation.
  • Ongoing monitoring and early detection of changes in a client’s condition is referred to a social worker in the department.
  • Scheduled telephoning to homebound isolated individuals to determine if they are safe and well.
  • Ongoing monitoring and early detection of changes in client’s condition.
  • Provide Referral to appropriate services 
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