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To use Property Pilot, make sure that you are using the Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.  Chrome is currently not supported, but hopefully will be soon.

Property Search Tool
To search for a specific address, use the Property Search tool by doing the following:
1. Select municipality that the property is in using the drop-down.

2. Enter the specific address in the text box
   Use the drop-downs to search for the street name and house number in the selected municipality.

Property Pilot will immediately zoom into the selected property, and display the information pertaining to the property on the table to the right.

View Additional Layers
Some of the layers will not be available depending on the zoom level the map is currently on.  Most layers are only available to view with a zoom level of 14 or higher.  When at zoom level 14 or higher, all layers will be available to view.

To view a layer in a specific municipality:
1. Select a municipality.
2. Turn the layer on once zoomed into zoom level >=14.
3. Click the specific feature being searched for.