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Passaic County Road Operations
The Passaic County Road Operations Division maintains and repairs all county roadways, culverts, catch basins, guide rails, and pavement on county bridges. This consists of 247 miles of roadway throughout 16 municipalities.

During the winter months this department is responsible for plowing and salting all county roads. During the 2009 calendar year, a total of $951,517.48 was spent on rock salt and $10,576.17 on liquid calcium chloride, which are the products needed for the deicing of the county roadways.

Road Maintenance
During the 2009 calendar year $78,343.14 was spent on asphalt and other road materials used in road repairs. Signage of a directional nature is maintained and repaired on county rights of way. The road inspectors assigned to this department supervise road resurfacing during each year. In 2009, $3,500,000 was spent on resurfacing roads countywide. This department also issues road-opening permits. The road inspectors monitor and inspect all road openings and county striping of roadways under the yearly line striping program.

Tree Trimming & Removal
The Operations Division trims and/or removes trees within the Passaic County rights of way that are deemed a danger to the riding and walking public. Also, we remove trees that have fallen onto the county roadways or rights of way. This department also performs tree trimming and removes trees for other county departments on county-owned property like Camp Hope, Passaic County Golf Course, Passaic County parks.

County Vehicles
All Passaic County vehicles, except the Sheriff’s Office and Para Transit vehicles, are repaired, maintained, and given the State Motor Vehicle Inspection by the Operations Division. Also, this division has a sign shop, which makes custom signs for Passaic County events, lettering for offices and vehicles, signs for county road resurfacing, and directional signs for roadways.

Other Services
During the year this department loans equipment and manpower to various municipalities for their use when needed. Use of heavy construction equipment, cranes, paving machines, and rollers are a few examples. This department also assists the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office with the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program. The Operations Division is also part of the Emergency First Responder Program for Passaic County and is prepared to assist during emergencies.