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County Agriculture Development Board (CADB)
History & Purpose
The CADB is an entity authorized by the state Agriculture Retention and Development Act (1983), which established New Jersey’s Farmland Preservation Program. The Farmland Preservation Program aims to strengthen the agricultural industry and preserve important farmlands, thereby enhancing New Jersey’s economy and quality of life. Within the state system, County Agriculture Development Boards are tasked to establish agriculture retention and development programs at the local level through such responsibilities as adopting agricultural development areas, creating minimum standards and granting approval for the inclusion of land in farmland preservation programs, and determining any request for financial assistance of the State Agriculture Development Committee.
Additionally, the CADB coordinates and recommends to the Board of Chosen Freeholders the purchase of development easements within Passaic County municipalities, provides a share of the value of the development easement, and generally holds the title to the development easement for any property receiving funds from the SADC.

The Passaic County Agricultural Development Board is appointed by the Board of Chosen Freeholders and comprises representatives of the county’s farming residents and general public, the County Planning Board, the Soil Conservation District Member and the County Agricultural Extension Agent.
Farmland Preservation
Notably, in 2007 Passaic County purchased approximately fifteen acres of the historic Kuehm farm in Wayne Township, which has drawn irrigation from the Pompton River since the 1930s and is the largest remaining produce farm in both Wayne Township and Passaic County. This portion of the overall Kuehm tract has been preserved as a working farm; in addition, the county was able to replenish the Farmland Preservation portion of the Open Space Trust Fund through reimbursement of State funds from the SADC. Utilizing funds from the Farmland Preservation portion of the Trust Fund, Passaic County also purchased the development rights for Eden Farms, a greenhouse operation in West Milford. The property owner consequently used the funds to purchase another parcel within one mile of Eden Farms and expand the agricultural operation.  In September 2008 the CADB and planning board adopted the Passaic County Farmland Preservation Plan, which continues to guide agricultural preservation in the county.

In 2014 Passaic County closed on two additional farms totaling just over 18 acres, Hidden Acres and Indian Hills Farm, both equestrian operations. Additionally, Passaic County is in the process of closing on two additional properties this year for an additional  Fifty Six acres.


New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program Overview
The State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) is the New Jersey entity responsible for administering the Farmland Preservation Program, which provides grants to counties and other groups to fund the purchase of development easements on farmland, directly purchases farms and development easements from landowners, and provides grants to landowners for soil and water conservation projects. The SADC also oversees the Transfer of Development Rights Bank and promotes innovation in agricultural practices through the Right to Farm Program and the Farm Link Program.
New Jersey Department of Agriculture
The CADB is commonly mistaken for the Passaic County Board of Agriculture, which is a separate entity that serves as a farm advocacy association to promote agribusiness in Passaic County, sponsors agricultural fairs, and holds public stakeholder meetings. The County Board of Agriculture is authorized by the State Board of Agriculture, rather than the SADC, and appoints a designee to such state level entities as the NJ Agricultural Experiment Station Board of Managers and the Director to the NJ Farm Bureau.

Contact Us

Jason Simmons
CADB Administrator

County of Passaic Planning Department
930 Riverview Drive
Suite 250
Totowa, NJ 07512

Phone: 973-569-4040

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