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Study Goals & Findings
The Morris Canal Greenway Feasibility Study examined the entire length of the Morris Canal and the Pompton Feeder in Passaic County to determine how areas of open space can be connected to create a contiguous recreational trail for safe bicycle and pedestrian use.

The primary objectives of this feasibility study are to preserve and restore open space while creating safe recreational opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the county. Additional goals for this project include developing multimodal transportation routes, improving pedestrian accessibility to downtown centers, protecting environmental sustainability, and promoting cultural and heritage tourism within Passaic County.

Feasibility Study
Land Inventory
Identified areas of existing open space along the canal as well as parcels highly deserving of preservation and parcels that should be restored to open space due to environmental sensitivity or location. The Land Inventory analyzed the current land use along the former Morris Canal right-of-way, and all land within half-mile and quarter-mile walking distance from the proposed route for the Morris Canal Greenway. 

Proposed Morris Canal Greenway Route
Devised a comprehensive, short-term and long-term strategy for connecting those parcels whereby residents will be able to traverse the entire length of the trail on foot or bicycle.

Study findings
  • Open Space & Recreation - The land inventory focused on open space and recreation resources as well as other community / public resources such as schools and libraries. It found 49 acres of school property and 276 acres of recreational land including preserved open space within a half mile of the proposed Greenway.
  • Economic Development - The Morris Canal Greenway would pass through and near multiple local downtowns and several major centers of economic activity, including 158 retailers, restaurants and personal services establishments.
  • Transportation - Given its linear route, the Morris Canal Greenway would transform the Morris Canal right-of-way into a significant transportation corridor again.  It would pass within a quarter-mile of 2 rail stations and 352 bus stops on 23 lines, allowing users to walk or ride along the greenway and take a one-way bus ride back to their starting location.
  • Trail Connections - The proposed greenway would connect to other pedestrian trails beyond Passaic County, including the existing West Essex Rail Trail, Lenape Trail, and Weasel Brook Greenway, as well as the future Morris County Rail Trail and the proposed New Jersey Silk Road Trail.