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Park Permit Application

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Starting on January 15th through March 15th, 2019;  the Parks Department will be accepting permit applications for use of any ball-field, turf-field, basketball court or cross-country course from any In-County Board of Education, Board of Recreation, Scholastic Organization, and/or Municipal Athletic Group.  

All other general picnic/event or Out-of-County scholastic and athletic applications, will be accepted starting on March 16th 2019.   

As in the past, requests will also be accepted throughout the year.   Applications should be submitted as early as possible.  Permits will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. 

Note:  Requests submitted prior to the acceptance dates mentioned-above will not be accepted, and must be resubmitted accordingly.

Name/Contact Person:

Address Line 2:

City or Town:

State or Province:

Zip or Postal Code:



County Resident?
 - Yes   - No

Non-Profit (501c3 organizations are given a 30% discount on their fee. To receive the discount, you must submit a copy of your 501c3 form from the IRS)
 - Yes  - No

Name/Description of Event:

Event Date:

Arrival Time:

Departure Date

Departure Time

Estimated Attendance

Estimated Number of Vehicles

Estimated Staff

Which Park?

Please select the specific area in the park of your choice:

Areas in Garret Mtn. Reservation

Areas in Goffle Brook Park

Areas in Rifle Camp Park

Areas in Weasel Brook Park

Fields in Highland Preserve

Please complete the questions below. If the questions do not apply to your event, please state N/A (not applicable)

Provide plans for the special event: Please describe all activities, principal speakers, time schedule, and the proposed route of any walk-a-thon or parade planned:

List all props, platforms, stages, sound equipment, electrical wiring, decorations, catering equipment, tables, chairs, and/or other items to be used.

List all contractors, supplies, groups, or individuals providing support services, such as caterers, musical groups, sound technicians, electricians, first aid, security, traffic control, sanitation, etc. (including name, address, phone number and service provided).

If your special event will involve setting up of booths, tables, etc., please provide a diagram showing the location of each. Provide a list of the names of each individual or group assigned to each booth or area, and the activity, service, or function that will be provided at each booth or area. If items are to be given away or otherwise dispensed (i.e. printed material, leaflets, bumper stickers, tee shirts, buttons, etc.), please provide a list of all service items for each booth area.

Park Attendants are available to assist at your event. The rate of $15.00 per hour is charged per attendant. If you would like to have a Park Attendant at your event, please note the intended use for the park attendant. Please note that a Park Attendant is required for access to the Boathouse. Do you need a park attendant? 
 - Yes  - No

Do you need easy access to water
 -Yes  - No

Do you need permission to serve food and beverages?
 - Yes  - No

Will there be music at your event? 
 - Yes  - No

Will you require electricity? 
 - Yes  - No

Do you plan on advertising or issue a press release?
 - Yes  - No

Have you visited previously or are familiar with the site?
 - Yes  - No

Have you or your organization ever applied for a permit before?
 - Yes  - No
If Yes: give date and site of your last permit

Is there any reason to believe, or is there any information indicating that any group or organization will seek to disrupt your event?
 - Yes  - No
If Yes: list each individual, group or organization and give all available information, such as name, address, phone number and the background for your concern.