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Helpful Hints for Voters

  • Register to vote - Make sure you are registered to vote.  To confirm your registration, contact the Superintendent of Elections at (973) 881-4515.
  • Registration information - Always update your registration information.

  • Polling Place Location - Confirm your polling place location by looking at your sample ballot.  Your location and district information are always on it.

  • Sample Ballot - It may be helpful to bring your sample ballot with you to your polling location.  It is not mandatory to do so.

  • Provisional Ballot Voting – If your name does not appear in the voter registration book or if there is a question about your eligibility to vote, you may vote with a Provisional Ballot at the polling location.  Whether the ballot is counted depends on verification of your eligibility.

  • Mail-In Ballots – To be used if you want to vote before Election Day or cannot travel to the polling location on Election Day.  For more information on how to receive one, contact the County Clerk's office at (973) 225-3632.