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Tax Appeals

Instructions for Filing a Petition of Appeal
  • File after you receive assessment card, February 1st.
  • Only the petitioner or petitioner’s attorney may file the appeal under NJAC 18:12A-1.6(d). Notices of hearings will only be sent to the petitioner, or petitioner’s attorney if represented. The petitioner may then share the notice with whomever they want.
  • Adjournments are granted for emergency cases only, and in writing. 
  • Send original to Tax Board in Wayne, NJ with filing fee (please have ready when filing); cc to assessor; cc to municipal clerk.
  • The appraiser must be present at the hearing if the appraisal is to be used as evidence.
  • The Board does not accept faxed or emailed evidence.
  • All corporations, including LLCs, partnerships, estates, and trusts require attorney representation at a hearing. Sole proprietors may prosecute an appeal without an attorney. 
  • A decision is not rendered at the hearing. Judgment is mailed to the petitioner or attorney.    
  • Please note that the "Assessor's copy" of the petition of appeal form must be delivered to the Assessor's office in your municipality or the appeal may be denied
  • Please note: a photo of your property will aid in your appeal

Absolutely no evidence will be accepted by the Passaic County Board of Taxation via email or facsimile. All evidence must be submitted in hard copy form.

Guide to Tax Appeal Hearings