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Tax Documents and Information

Added Assessment Tax Appeal
Instructions for Filing an Added Petition of Appeal
Regular Petition of Appeal
Instructions for Filling a Regular Petition of Appeal
Stipulation of Settlement
Commonly Asked Questions
Coefficients of Deviation
Average Assessed Residential Property Per Municipality
2017 Final Equalization Table
2017 Abstract of Ratables 
2018 Abstract of Ratables
2018/2017 Tax Rates and Ratios
2019/2018 Tax Rates and Ratios

2019 Abstract of Ratables

Historic Tax Documents
2016 Certification of State Abstract of Ratables
2016-15 Tax Rates and Ratios
2016 Ratable Summary
2016 Line Item Breakdown
2016 Final Equalization
2016 Breakdown of General Tax Rate
2016 Abstract of Ratables
2016 Tax Levy Apportionment