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County Adjuster

County Adjuster
Domenick Stampone
(973) 881-4840

The County Adjuster's Office is a statutory office authorized to act in cases of commitments or admission of persons to state, county or private hospitals for the mentally ill. It processes applications to the above-named institutions, holds hearings to determine both the legal residence of the patient and the ability of relatives of the patient to contribute toward care and maintenance while hospitalized and presents cases relating to this work before the courts.

This department’s duties include:

  • The charge and supervision of the preparation of papers regarding the admission and / or commitment of clients to private, county, state and federal psychiatric hospitals
  • Setting court hearings that protect client rights and privacy (Legal services are supplied free of charge to those who can not afford counsel for these hearings.)
  • Investigating the residency status and the ability to pay of those admitted to these hospitals. This information is given to the courts where responsibility is assessed and assigned by “Settlement Order” of the Court.
  • Completing the “Consent for Mental Health Record Search” in conjunction with state and local police, which is part of the gun permit and purchase process.

All records filed with this office are confidential and are not available to the public.