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Private Fiber Optic Network

In 2006, partially through funding from the Department of Homeland Security, the County invested in the development of a private fiber-optic network to consolidate communication services in a fiber network and protect Passaic County during emergencies. The private fiber optic network allows the County to offer hi-speed internet connectivity, email services, security cameras, offsite back-up and disaster recovery, and wireless hotspots at a fraction of the cost available on the private market. 

Passaic County currently has shared service agreements with local municipalities and school boards to offer them hi-speed and secure internet access at a reduced cost, which creates efficiencies and saves taxpayer dollars.

fiber optic
What is Dark Fiber?

Dark fiber is a network of fiber optic cables that can carry high amounts of data at high speeds over hundreds of miles. The optical fibers are made of thin glass cables about the width of a human hair. Once activated (lit), they can transmit and receive information over long distances without electronic interference. 

Dark_FiberThrough DWDM (Dense Waynelength Division Multiplexing), multiple signals are transmitted simultaneously over the same fiber at different wavelengths. That means you get faster internet with less power.

Dark fiber refers to cables that are installed and ready for use. "Lighting Up" a dark fiber cable only require the installation and use of network equipment. 

For municipalities seeking more information on the private fiber network and the services offered by the County, please contact the Office of the County Administrator at (973) 881-4405.