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Steps recommended to resolving complaints or concerns:

  • Contact appropriate school staff:  Depending on the nature of your complaint/concern, the first contact should be the school staff directly involved with your child's education (i.e. teacher, guidance counselor, child study team member, etc.) followed by the school principal if issue is not resolved.   
  • Contact district superintendent:  If you are unable to achieve resolution at the school level, then contact the office of the superintendent in the district office followed by the board president, if the complaint/concern involves the superintendent.
  • Contact the Executive County Superintendent of Schools Office:  The County Office should be contacted only when you have exhausted all avenues in the school district.

Please keep in mind that the County Office will ask all persons with a complaint if they have followed the above steps.  If the appropriate steps have not been taken, the caller will be referred to the appropriate school district board of education office.

NOTE:  The County Office does not directly resolve the public's complaints and/or concerns.  Out of professional courtesy and appropriate procedures, all callers are referred to the local school districts in an attempt to provide them with the opportunity to resolve the issue before the involvement of the County Office staff.

For additional information, please refer to the Department of Education webpage on "Navigating Your School System."