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Passaic County Historic Marker Program

County of Passaic Historic Marker Program
Bringing the past to life by engaging the public

Totowa Historic Marker - Oct 2010 04 - CopyIn December 2016, the Board of County Commissioners approved the creation of a Passaic County Historic Marker Program. The program is designed to complement an ongoing visible history program by connecting events, people and sites in furthering efforts to bring the past to life and increase the public’s awareness of Passaic County’s rich history. Like many historic marker programs throughout the nation, the program will commemorate historic sites, events and personalities through diverse topics such as the history and architecture of residential, commercial, and public buildings, religious congregations, military sites; events that changed the course of local and state history; and individuals who have made lasting contributions to our state and community. One of the highpoints of this particular program is the ability to have other agencies and citizens participate through their purchase and installation of their own markers.

“Passaic County has been capitalizing on the impact study from VisitNJ that shows we have the fastest growing tourism economy in New Jersey. Our county is home to numerous historical attractions as well as the Great Falls National Park, and this investment will promote and improve these attractions,” said County Commissioner Director TJ Best. “This new program will enhance previous efforts to increase the financial and educational benefits that our historical attractions provide.”

 In 2010, the Passaic County Board of County Commissioners installed historic site markers at six (6) locations throughout the County. The markers were exact replicas of ones originally installed by the State of New Jersey in 1932 to commemorate local activity by General George Washington and American troops during the Revolutionary War. It was also discussed during this time that future markers would be planned to encourage better understanding and appreciation of the area's history and cultural significance.

The adoption of a markers program will expand the County’s implementation efforts of history and heritage programs, many of which have begun to take shape. The markers call for a unified design and theme which will encourage and promote the development of heritage trails and corridors. In the future, the County intends to utilize the marker program for County wide public tours and related programs.

“As one of the original 13 colonies, New Jersey is full of history and culture. Passaic County is home to historical sites and figures that are significant to not only the county, but the State and Nation as well,” said County Commissioner Bruce James. “The County Commissioners have a responsibility to preserve our rich history so all future generations and learn and benefit from it.”

The County’s official marker guidelines and process for applying to adopt a marker are outlined in the Passaic County Historic Marker Program Guidelines.