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Engineering Department

The Engineering Department protects and enhances the quality of life of our residents through various infrastructure projects, including bridges, culverts, drainage systems, and road/traffic operations. This department is charged with preparing plans and specifications, project management and construction inspection of the County's capital improvement projects for the County's 122 bridges, 292 culverts, 246 miles of roadway, associated drainage, five dams, buildings and parks projects.

The Engineering Department also maintains records of County facilities, recommends traffic rules and regulations, assists the County planning board and oversees the Roads Division.

Fair Lawn Avenue Bridge Information

Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road & Notch / Rifle Camp Road Interchanges

Pre-Construction Public Information Center
POSTPONED - To be rescheduled at a later date
Postponement Letter
Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road & Notch / Rifle Camp Road Interchanges, Contract B
City of Clifton, Township of Little Falls, Borough of Woodland Park
Passaic County
Montclair State University, 1 Normal Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07043

As part of our commitment to developing transportation improvements that best balance transportation needs, the environment, community concerns, and cost, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will hold a Public Information Center (PIC) to provide local residents and businesses with information regarding the Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road & Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange Project Contract B. You are encouraged to actively participate by providing comments at the meeting, by mail, or by e-mail. 

The Meeting
The PIC will be held on March 16, 2020 from 4-8 p.m. at Montclair State University, Conference Center at University Hall, 7th Floor, 1 Normal Avenue, Montclair, NJ (see handout for parking information). You will have an opportunity to review exhibits of the project, ask questions, and discuss any concerns with NJDOT staff members. Property owners of rental units are advised that tenants are also invited and encouraged to participate.

The NJDOT is undertaking a project to reconstruct the Route 3, Route 46, Valley Road & Notch/Rifle Camp Road Interchange to correct existing operational and safety problems along the Route 46 and Route 3 corridors from Lower Notch Road to Rock Hill Road (Route 46) and from Valley Road to Grove Street (Route 3). Contract A was completed in Fall 2019. Contract B will address operational and safety deficiencies along the Route 46 and Route 3 corridor that have resulted in a high occurrence of accidents and chronic bottlenecks due to numerous safety conditions. Existing problems include:

  • inadequate acceleration and deceleration lanes;
  • narrow shoulder widths;
  • poor sight distance;
  • educed lanes on Route 3 westbound; and,
  • deteriorated and substandard bridges.

Proposed Construction

NJDOT proposes to make operational improvements to the interchanges and improve motorist safety by: 

  • Widening Route 46 and Route 3 for new auxiliary lanes and acceleration / deceleration lanes.
  • Realigning Route 46 to converge westbound and diverge eastbound with Route 3 from the right instead of the current left.
  • Reconfiguring the Route 46/Route 3/Valley Road interchange with new ramps, a new traffic signal on Valley Road and a new multi-lane urban roundabout at the Valley Road, Great Notch Road, Route 3 Exit Ramp intersection.
  • Replacing three bridges and constructing one new bridge at the Route 46 and Route 3 Interchange, and replacing the existing Route 46 Bridge over Lower Notch Road.
  • Additional improvements include new storm water management facilities and relocating existing overhead and underground utilities.

Construction Staging
Construction will be performed in six stages. For each stage, traffic strategies will be employed to accommodate the required construction operations and mitigate work zone effects on traffic and transportation-dependent services and facilities as best as possible. Route 46 and Route 3 will remain open to traffic at all times; however, temporary ramp and lane closures are anticipated. At certain times, the Route 46 eastbound ramp to Valley Road and the Route 3 westbound ramp to Valley Road will be closed to traffic. Detours will be provided to directed motorists to use alternate routes.

Project Schedule
Construction Start: February 2020
Anticipated Construction End: Summer 2024

For further information, please contact:
Anthony Sytko, Regional Coordinator
New Jersey Department of Transportation
Office of Community Relations
PO Box 600 • Trenton, NJ 08625-0600
Phone 609-963-1992
E-mail: anthony.sytko@dot.nj.gov