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At-Home COVID-19 Testing

Overview of Program:

Passaic County Board of County Commissioners has partnered with Vault Health to offer FREE Covid-19 testing at home for all of our residents.

The saliva collection test for COVID-19 has the same effectiveness as the swab test. This test is performed under the supervision of a Vault healthcare provider through a video telehealth visit eliminating the risk of person-to-person exposure to the virus.

To register for your at-home testing kit, you must first fill out the form below to verify your Passaic County residency. Immediately following your submission, you will receive a link to receive your kit. This is FREE to all Passaic County residents, and health insurance is not required. 

Please note: This is not an antibody test. This test is designed to determine if you currently are infected with COVID-19 and have the potential to infect others.

Register for your at-home test HERE

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1. Click REGISTER NOW and fill out the Proof of Residency form.

2. You will need an email to register. It DOES NOT have to be a Google Email. All notifications regarding the testing will be sent electronically. No phone calls will be given.

3. Once approved by County Administrative staff, you will receive a link to Vault Health with your test code number. ONLY, those with a test code will have access to order their at-home test kit.

4. You will receive your testing kit the next day.
The box will be delivered to your address via overnight delivery. Open the box and look for the blue instruction card. Read it carefully. DO NOT OPEN THE TEST TUBE PACKAGE until you are instructed on your Zoom video call. 

5. Make sure to download the Zoom app on your smart phone or electronic devices.
Prepare for your supervised saliva-collection supervised by a medical practitioner over the Zoom video call. 

6. Ship the test kit back. A shipping label is provided. This is at no-cost to the resident.

7. Y
ou will get a report of your results (positive, negative, or inconclusive) 48-72 hours after your sample arrives at the lab.