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401 Grand St. Paterson, NJ 07505 | (973) 881-4000
"Rich History, Bright Future"

Division of Community Outreach and Family Services

 Community Outreach and Family Services
Division Director: Mounir Almaita, MA.
Phone: (973) 881-2834

Programs are provided to assist individuals and families living in Passaic County. This division receives County, State and Federal (HUD) funding to provide an array of services to the community, primarily low income, indigent or homeless individuals and families. These services are delivered directly by the Human Services Department or through one or more of our partner agencies. This division also offers 24/7 information and referral service and shelter placement through the NJ 211 hotline.  Services include:  permanent housing placement; veteran and disabled housing; emergency shelter; rental and public utility assistance; food pantries; furniture and clothing donations; holiday food baskets and toys; school supplies; transportation vouchers (TANF and GA); adult & juvenile re-entry program; license restoration program; and Strive to Drive Program.  To receive these services residents may appear in person at the Human Services Department or contact the Community Outreach and Family Services Director.

Paterson/Passaic CoC Important Documents
The Passaic CoC is a voluntary association that provides information, services, and advocacy for and on behalf of Passaic County’s homeless population. Below are important documents related to the CoC Competition and include the draft CoC Consolidated Application and attachments, the final CoC Priority List including the ranking of new and renewal CoC applications and the CoC’s policies and procedures related to the local selection process. Any questions about the CoC should be directed to Mounir Almaita at mounira@passaiccountynj.org.

FY2021 CoC DV Evaluation Criteria & Scoresheet
2021 Proposed Funding Priorities for New DV Projects

FY2021 CoC Proposed Funding Priorities 
FY2021 CoC Local Policies & Procedures
FY2021 CoC Local Application
FY2021 CoC Local Funding Notice
FY2021 CoC Evaluation Criteria & Scoresheet
FY2021 CoC Budget Worksheet

Passaic County CoC 2019 Consolidated Application
Passaic County CoC 2019 Priority Listing
FY2019 Passaic County CoC Final Budget and Ranking
FY2019 CoC Local Application
FY2019 CoC Local Funding Notice

FY2019 CoC Evaluation Criteria & Scoresheet
FY2019 CoC Project Performance
FY2019 CoC Budget Worksheet