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"Rich History, Bright Future"

Weights & Measures

Almost everything we buy is sold by weight, volume, length, count or measure such as a dozen eggs, a liter of soda, a yard of cloth, a gallon of milk, or a pound of steak. 

In 1911 Governor Woodrow Wilson established the Office of Weights and Measures to protect the citizens of New Jersey. The Office of Weights and Measures is responsible for ensuring that all commercial and law enforcement weighing and measuring devices are tested and inspected for accuracy, and meet Federal guidelines for specifications and tolerances.

A unit of the Division of Consumer Affairs, which is part of the Department of Law and Public Safety, Weights and Measures’ officials work to keep the marketplace honest by using highly accurate equipment to inspect scales, meters, scanning equipment, gasoline station pumps and lumberyards throughout the State. Weighing or measuring devices are not permitted to be used for commercial purposes unless they have been registered with the Office of Weights and Measures.

To contact this office, please call (973) 305-5750.