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Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study

Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study 


Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study Map

The Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study is the first phase in determining the feasibility and scope of improving transit service connecting New Jersey’s first and third most populous cities. This one-year study will explore opportunities to run transit service between Paterson in Passaic County and Newark in Essex County along a combination of dedicated (off-street) corridors, as well as possible shared and mixed-traffic operations.

The study is seeking to identify regional solutions to reduce traffic congestion, improve mass transit service, and support economic development through increased access to jobs, education, healthcare, and commercial development.

This study is funded under the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) Subregional Studies Program and is being led by Passaic County in partnership with Essex County. Studies funded under this program may conduct planning-level analysis. This study will not identify a locally preferred alternative.

Study Progress

The Transit Market Study has entered its final phase after a series of technical exercises that identified potential modes (types of travel such as bus and light rail) and alignments between along the Newark Industrial Track between Paterson and Newark. The options were tested in partnership with New Jersey Transit and representatives from each of the municipalities along the alignment in both Passaic and Essex Counties. The findings and recommendations were presented to the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) earlier in May 2020 and are ready for public review and comment.

The following presentations provide an overview of the study, technical findings, and preliminary recommendations to be included in the final report. The presentations can be found in English and Spanish with details on how to submit any comments or questions at the end of the presentation. The contacts at the bottom of this page can also be used to submit any comments and questions. Please submit any comments or questions by close of business on May 25, 2020.

Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study, Project Overview (English)
Paterson-Newark Transit Market Study, Project Overview (Spanish)

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Study Area

The study corridor includes Paterson and Clifton in Passaic County and Nutley, Belleville and Newark in Essex County. The study will focus on the immediate area surrounding the Newark Industrial Track, but will also identify potential options to connect to Newark Broad Street Station and Paterson Station, as well as exploring the feasibility of connecting the region to the Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson.

Study Goal and Objectives

The goal of the study is to determine the market feasibility of transit service between Paterson in Passaic County and Newark in Essex County. The objectives of the study are to:

  1. Identify potential station stops and alignment options connecting Paterson and Newark that serve key employment and activity centers;
  2. Prepare projections of potential ridership, capacity, and preliminary capital and general operating costs;
  3. Provide a preliminary assessment and screen for environmental issues; and
  4. Identify next steps and potential funding sources.

This study is a first step. The preliminary alignment options developed in this study are a starting point for initial stakeholder and public feedback. More detailed analysis and refinement will be required before advancement of concepts developed in the study.


Factsheet (English)
Factsheet (Spanish)
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting #1 Presentation 9/10/19
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting #2 Presentation  1/10/20
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting #3 Presentation 4/28/20


Questions or comments
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