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401 Grand St. Paterson, NJ 07505 | (973) 881-4000
"Rich History, Bright Future"

Professional and Support Staff

Office Staff & Duties

  • Kesha T. Drakeford, Interim Executive County Superintendent of Schools
    • Assistant - Mary Ellen Riga
    • Duties - Oversees the districts in the county in regard to their success in maintaining compliance with State and Federal regulations and heads the county staff of professional and non-professional persons

  • Jeanette Makus, Interim Executive County School Business Official
    • Assistant - Lori Van Der Stad
    • Duties - Coordinates all county school districts budget preparation, financial management, facilities, and transportation. Acts as liaison to New Jersey Department of Education

  • Linda Chavez, County Supervisor of Child Study
    • Assistant - Timolyn Allen
    • Duties - Assures Compliance with State and Federal Law for educationally handicapped students within local school districts and private schools assigned

  • Alma Morel, County Education Specialist
    • Assistant - Lee-Ann Balestrino
    • Duties - Assists districts in school improvement, statewide assessment and the educational planning process

  • Esther Snoop, County Certification Coordinator
    • Duties - Assists county residents in all aspects of teacher certification / licensure

  • Lori Van Der Stad, County Transportation Coordinator
    • Duties - Assists school districts with transportation and emergent hiring as well as assisting the Executive County School Business Administrator with the Business Office

  • Jackie Trejos, Office Manager / Programs Coordinator