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Roads Division

The Passaic County Roads Division maintains and repairs all county roadways, culverts, catch basins, and guide rails. This consists of 246 miles of roadway throughout 16 municipalities. 

Roadway maintenance include pavement between the curblines, drainage system, street cleaning, and snow and ice control. Within County Right-of-Ways, warning and guide signs and trees are maintained. The services and programs carried out by the Division are to provide for the safe passage of both motorists and pedestrians while using County roads.

County Vehicles

All Passaic County vehicles, except the Sheriff’s Office, are repaired, maintained, and given the State Motor Vehicle Inspection by the Roads Division. This division also has a sign shop, which makes custom signs for Passaic County events, and lettering for offices and vehicles.

Other Services

During the year this division lends equipment and manpower to various municipalities for their use when needed. Use of heavy construction equipment, cranes, paving machines, and rollers are a few examples. This division also assists the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office with the Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program. The Roads Division is also part of the Emergency First Responder Program for Passaic County and is prepared to assist during emergencies.