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401 Grand St. Paterson, NJ 07505 | (973) 881-4000
"Rich History, Bright Future"

Veterans' Services
930 Riverview Drive, Suite 200, Totowa, NJ 07512  
Veterans' Officer: Wilfredo Rodriquez
Phone: (973) 569-4060 
Fax: (973) 256-5716

Supportive Services for Veteran FamiliesThe Office of Veterans' Services provides information and referrals, and assists with applications for entitlements to the V.A., as well as for pension, compensation, survivor’s benefits, medical and nursing home placement, insurance and education.                                   

Veteran’s service for Passaic County has information for veterans of all wars.  Veterans' Services now has available the new Veterans Guide, which outlines a lot of benefits they are entitled to.  

Services available are prescription, medical, and compensation help for those who need it.  Also, the office handles requests for Distinguished Service Medal, Korean and Vietnam medals as well as Hepatitis screenings, diabetes 2 treatment, tuition programs, and survivor benefits.  

•Information health clinic and transportation
•Discharge papers and information
•Application for VA Benefits
•State directory and County entitlements
•Distribution of honorary medals
•Complete compensation forms
•In-home assistance services
•Reimbursement assistance for prescription drugs – VA
•Coordinated efforts with Dept. of Vocation Rehab for assistance.


Veteran ID Cards & Discount Program
Free Legal Services
Job Training
MVP Families
Entitlement Bulletin
Veteran Tax Exemption Information