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When is the New Jersey 2020 Primary Election?

When and why did the 2020 Primary Election get moved?

When was the 2020 Primary Election moved to a mostly vote-by-mail election?

Do I have to sign-up for a vote-by-mail ballot?

Can I return to an unaffiliated status after this election?

When is the deadline to register to vote in the 2020 Primary Election?

What if I never voted by mail before?

When will I get my ballot?

What are my options for returning by vote-by-mail ballot?

Do I need to photo copy my license and send it in with my ballot?

Do I need to fill out the Bearer section on the return envelope?

How will I know where the secure drop boxes are located?

Do I need a stamp to mail back my ballot or my vote-by-mail application?

How can I be sure my ballot was received by the Passaic County Board of Elections?

Will I get a sample ballot?

What should I do if I lost, made a mistake or did not receive my ballot?

Can I go to my polling location on Election Day and vote on a machine?

What if I am disabled and cannot fill out a paper ballot on my own?

How can I speak with someone if I have questions about the 2020 Primary Election?