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        Office of the County Clerk/Registry Division
        401 Grand Street - Room 113
        Paterson, New Jersey 07505
        TEL: 973-881-4777
        FAX: 973-357-1046
        Open Monday - Friday
        8:30am - 4:15pm

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County Recording

One of the County Clerk's most important and longstanding functions is the recording of legal documents associated with the buying and selling of property, such as mortgages and deeds, and other documents affecting real estate. A list of all such documents and their associated fees can be found here.

Payment Information

  • Payment is due upon receipt.
  • Please make all checks payable to "Passaic County Clerk."Any check for the amount of $10,000 or over must be certified or money order.
  • Name and address must be printed on checks.
  • Checks will not be accepted with a date over 90 days.
  • The recording office will only accept an Attorney Trust Account Check, Title Agency Trust Account, Certified Check, or Cash for the Realty Transfer Fee or 1% Buyer/Grantee Fee.

Recording Fees

  • Our Fee Scheduled can be viewed here.
  • County Homelessness Trust Fund Act- $5 per document
  • Additional $6 per name required in excess of 5 names on the document.
  • Official County Cover Sheet is required on all documents OR an additional $20 per document without cover sheet. Official Cover Sheet can be downloaded here.

Recording Procedures

  • All instruments must be in English, legible, and properly acknowledged.
  • All signatures must be original with the name printed underneath.
  • All deeds must contain the words "Prepared by" followed by the name of the person who drafted the document.
  • Deeds must indicate Tax Block, Lot, and Consideration.
  • Record and Return Address is required on all recorded documents.
  • Re-Recording any document must state the reason for the re-record with original pages submitted.
  • Cancellation of Mortgage- The original recorded mortgage must be presented and properly endorsed for cancellation.

Please Be Advised

  • The Passaic County Clerk's Office does not perform Title Searches. You may contact an Independent Title Searcher at 973-881-4769
  • Surveys are not recorded in The Passaic County Clerk's Office or any recording office. Your survey is given to you at the time of your deed closing.
  • All documents must be completely prepared prior to recording in the Passaic County Clerk's Office.


NJ Realty Transfer Fee

The RTF Calculator will calculate the RTF up to and including a one million dollar consideration.  If the consideration is more than one million dollars, or if the circumstances regarding the transfer are complex, contact the County Clerk where the property is located.  The Realty Transfer Fee (RTF) Calculator has been developed specifically for the COANJ website (Click here to access the NJ Realty Transfer Tax Calculator)


General Information:          

RTF Forms: