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Administrator, Administratrix - Person or institution appointed by thecourt to manage and distribute the estate of a person who dies without a Will.

Beneficiary - Person named to receive property or benefits.

Codicil - An addition or supplement made to change or add provisions to a Will.

Contingent beneficiary
- Receiver of property or benefits if first-named beneficiary dies before receiving all benefits.

Contract - Legally enforceable agreement.

Curtesy - Widower's interest in wife's real estate by law.

Decedent - A deceased person.

Devise - To give property under a Will.

Dower - Widow's interest in husband's real estate by law.

Estate - Everything a person owns, all real and personal property owned.

Executor, Executrix - A person or institution named in the Will to carry out the provisions and direction of the Will.

Guardian - A person appointed to manage and take care of the person or the property belonging to a minor or incompetent.

Intestate - A person who dies without making a valid Will.

Issue - A person's child or children, natural or adopted, and their descendants.

Levied - To collect an assessment.

Lien - A charge upon property, real or personal, for the satisfaction of a debt.

Personal property - Intangible property, such as stocks, bonds, or bank accounts; and tangible property such as furniture, automobile, jewelry.

Probate - Official proof of the genuineness of a Will.

Real Property - Land and buildings.

Residuary Estate - What remains of a testator's estate after deducting the debts, and the legacies and devices.

Surrogate - A judicial officer who has jurisdiction over the probate of Wills in the absence of a contest and acts as the Clerk in the settlement of estates, guardianships, and trusts.

Tenants in common - Two or more persons owning individual interest property.

Testamentary Guardian - A person named in a Will as guardian for a minor or an incapacitated person.

Testate - The condition of one who leaves a valid Will at his death.

Testator, Testatrix - The person who makes a Will.