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City Green

city green logoCity Green, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the establishment of urban farms and gardens in northern New Jersey’s cities to create increased access to healthy, local food while cultivating education in food systems, nutrition, and the environment.  City Green offers practical, technical and financial support to community members of all ages to design, create and manage these urban green spaces.  City Green promotes food justice and environmental equality through these greening efforts.

The “Dig In!” Community Garden and Neighborhood Farming Program aims to support the creation of vibrant community gardens in urban, suburban and rural areas of Passaic County for the production of healthy food, neighborhood beautification, and community enhancement.

For more information about the program, or for assistance with your application, please call (973) 628-0486 or email jmoreano@city-green.org.

City Green's Dig In! program has long offered grants to create neighborhood farms and community gardens. The Dig In! program is now expanding to include resources for habitat restoration projects and tree plantings.  These Dig In! Tree and Habitat Restoration "Big Dig" Grants aim to restore natural habitats and beautify public spaces throughout Passaic County.  
There are three "Big Dig" Grants available:
Tree and Pollinator Garden "Big Dig" Grants are both $500 and Daffodil "Big Dig" Grants are granted in bulbs and are a minimum of 100 and maximum of 500 bulbs.  

Please find our "Big Dig" Grant Application here. 
 Dig In! and "Big Dig" grants are generously funded by the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders and operated by City Green. 

All applications are due June 28th 
Please submit applications to Erin Maguire at emaguire@city-green.org, via fax at 973-998-0682 or via mail to City Green 171 Grove St. Clifton, NJ 07013. 


Below is a list of community gardens funded through City Green. To learn more, you can visit City Green's Website Here. 

  • Bloomingdale Community Garden - 101 Hamburg Turnpike in Bloomingdale
  • Prospect Park Community Garden - 106 Brown Ave, Prospect Park
  • Canaan's Land Garden - 644 East 27th Street, Paterson
  • Garden of Eden - 644 East 27th Street, Paterson
  • Clifton Community Garden - 171 Grove Street, Clifton
  • Clifton Library Learning Garden - 292 Piaget Ave, Clifton
  • The Howard Sterling Memorial Garden - 223 Ellison Street, Paterson
  • Elysian Fields Community Garden - 430 Totowa Ave, Paterson
  • Eva's Village Growing Dome - 171 Grove Street, Clifton
  • Father English Food Pantry Garden of Hope - 435 Main Street, Paterson
  • Federation Garden Apartment - 510 East 27th Street, Paterson
  • JFK Spirit Garden - Corner of Front Street and Preakness Ave, Paterson
  • Grace Chapel Garden - 26 Haledon Ave, Paterson
  • Grace United Presbyterian Church - 981 Preakness Ave, Wayne
  • Hawthorne Community Garden - 445 Lafayette Ave, Hawthorne
  • Holland Christian Center Garden - 151 Graham Ave, North Haledon
  • Jewish Family Service Center Garden - 110 Main Ave, Passaic
  • EcoMind Organic Garden - 231 Parish Drive, Wayne
  • Riverside Terrance Community Garden - 28 Harris Place, Paterson
  • Great Falls Youth Center Garden - 32 Prince Street, Paterson
  • The Lynn George Memorial Garden - 103 Overlook, North Haledon
  • Edible Oasis - 55 Mill Street, Paterson
  • Veterans Garden - 601 East 18th Street, Paterson
  • Garden of Hope - 201 Memorial Drive, Paterson
  • Park Hill Condominiums Community Garden - 128 Boulevard, Passaic
  • Christopher Colombus Garden - 380 Paulison Ave, Passaic
  • Neighborhood Center for Women Community Garden - 153 Washinton Place, Passaic
  • PFPL Southside Garden - 930 Main Street, Paterson
  • Paterson Public Library Danforth Garden - 250 Broadway, Paterson
  • School 12 Community Garden - 130 North 2nd Street, Paterson
  • Paterson Urban Garden Group - Corner of Front Street and Preakness Ave, Paterson
  • Pompton Lakes Community Garden - 25 Lenox Ave, Pompton Lakes
  • Preakness Bible Church Garden - 1108 Preakness Ave, Wayne
  • Preakness Valley United Garden - 480 Valley Road, Wayne
  • Ringwood Community Garden - 145 Carletondale Ave, Ringwood
  • Rosa Parks and 12th Ave Green Acre - Corner of Rosa Parks and 12th Ave, Paterson
  • Rosa Parks High School Garden - 413 12th Ave, Paterson
  • Synagogue Garden - 30 Hinchman Ave, Wayne
  • Totowa Community Garden - 11 Colonial Court, Totowa
  • STAMPS Public Garden - 155 Governor Street, Paterson
  • St. Bonaventure Church Community Garden - 174 Ramsey St, Paterson
  • St. Michaels Neighborhood Garden - 1219 Ratzer Road, Wayne
  • Madison Ave K-Center Community Garden - Corner of Market Street and 19th Street
  • St. Peter's Haven Garden - 380 Clifton Ave, Clifton
  • Women's Garden - 508 Straight Street, Paterson
  • Men's Garden - 508 Straight Street, Paterson
  • Rooftop Garden - 508 Straight Street, Paterson
  • Summer and 16th Ave Garden, Corner of Summer Street and 16th Ave, Paterson
  • West Milford Organic Garden/Apple Acres - 1064 Union Valley Road, West Milford
  • Wallisch Community Garden - 75 lincoln Ave, West Milford
  • Children's Day Nursery - 104 Jefferson Street, Paterson
  • Center for Family Resources Community Garden - 45 Reinhardt Road, Wayne
  • Wayne Community Garden - 533 Berdan Ave, Wayne
  • West Milford High School Garden - 67 Highlander Drive, West Milford
  • Wild and Native Medicinal Plants Garden - Corner of Warwick Tpke and Clinton Road, West Milford
  • CBA Community Garden - 383 Oldham Road, Wayne
  • Passaic River Garden - 108 E. Holsman Street, Paterson
  • Raices Del Sur - 4th Street, Passaic