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Food Concession Permit

This is a request for a food concession permit. After receipt and review of your application, our office will contact you regarding payment and any necessary documents. You will be asked to submit a copy of your vending license and a valid health certificate. You will also be asked to sign a hold harmless form. A permit WILL NOT be issued without these documents. There is an annual permit fee of $200. The permit fee can be paid for in the form of a check or money order. Cash cannot be accepted.

Permits are valid ONLY in the designated areas in Garret Mountain, Goffle Brook Park, Rifle Camp Park, Weasel Brook Park and Highlands Preserve. These areas are identified on each park map. The map legend refers to these areas with the FOOD symbol. By signing a permit, the Concessionaire is aware of the designated areas, identified by Passaic County in which, the Concessionaire can conduct business. If the Concessionaire attempts to function outside of the designated areas, the issued permit will be VOID and a refund will not be issued. Passaic County will agree to allow the Concessionaire to operate a mobile concession stand within the park areas identified and only during park hours. Concessionaires CANNOT conduct business while a park is closed.

Please note that Passaic County will not designate specific dates or times for any permit issued. Issued permits are VOID in the event Passaic County holds an event(s) in the parks listed below. 

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City or Town:

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Please list all of the types of food you are requesting to sell:

Please click the link below to view park maps. Designated vending areas are identified on the map legend as FOOD: 

Passaic County Park System Maps


ARTICLE III-Food Concessions
Article III governs the permitting of food concessions for each facility in the Park System, with the Parks and Recreation Department Director empowered to approve food concessions under the following criteria: 1. Permits shall be required in the Passaic County Park System between the months of April and November; 2. Permits will be issued on an annual basis, with a fee of $200. 3. Permits shall clearly indicate the approximate location inside the specific park of the Passaic County Park System where the food concession shall be authorized to conduct business; 4. Proof of Insurance shall be required; 5. Proof of all applicable health code permits or approvals shall be required; 6. Permits are not transferable; 7. Permit fees shall be paid in full before a permit is released; 8. Any permit granted pursuant to this ordinance may be revoked upon the violation of any of the terms or conditions set forth in the ordinances governing the Passaic County Park System, or any violation of local, State, or federal laws; 9. The permit holder shall be liable for any loss or damage to the Passaic County Park System, or to an injury to a person in the Park System caused by the negligent acts of the permit holder or associated individuals of the permit holder.